Asphalt plant DS-185-80 

Артикул: ДС-185-80

«UfaDorMash» Production Association produces asphalt plants (AP) DS-185-80 (capacity-80 t/h). DS-185-80 model asphalt plant is certified as DS-185-80 for sale in the countries of CIS.

Advantages of own-produced asphalt concrete plants:

  • DS-185-80 is a modular block design. Dimensions of modular blocks allow to carry asphalt concrete plant both by standard road trailers and rail containers.
  • Engineering principle of DS-185-80 asphalt concrete plant is all the mounting and installation dimensions conformity to those of units and assemblies of DS-158, DS-185. Any unit can be replaced by appropriate replacement part purchased from dealers of «Kredmsh» Production Joint Stock Company.
  • Our plants are completely manufactured of domestic metal in the Russian Federation. All the constituent parts, electric motors, gear units, pneumatics and electric components are delivered by Russian and European suppliers.
  • All major components: mixer, smoke exhauster, sieve, weighing system, burner are designed according to the principle of double margin of safety. We effectively learned how to compensate for instability of humidity/dustness of raw materials.
  • We have repaired a huge number of asphalt batching plants of different manufacturers and were able to make our own-made asphalt concrete plants very reliable and economical.
  • Our pride is the price. Low rouble exchange rate allows our units to easily compete even with Chinese production models.

Main units of DS-185-80 asphalt plants in detail:

  1. Weighing system for stone aggregates VDKM-1000 (tensometric)
  2. Весовой дозатор

    • high hardness and increased capacity design;
    • shutter in bearing units that reduces friction and ensures easy opening;
    • opening the shutter with one standard pneumatic cylinder;
    • weighing of materials by beam type tension sensors;
  3. Sieve
  4. Грохот

    • high hardness and increased capacity design;
  5. Mixer UDM-60М.1000
  6. Смеситель

    • Mixer capacity - 0,77 m3;
    • Nominal capacity of premix - 900 kg;
    • Maximum capacity of premix - 1000 kg;
    • Gear-2 cylindrical 2-step motor reducers;
    • Electric motor power – 22 kW×2=44 kW;
    • Torsion torque- 3000 N*m×2=6000 N* m;
    • Resource - guaranteed life of electric motor - 1 year, of reducer - 3 years, resource of motor reducer - 15000 hours. Service factor - medium and hard conditions of work.

    Main Technical Characteristics of All Units Supplied by Standard Railway Containers:

Name of index Value (nominal)
General data
Technical output not less than 72 t/h
Mobility Modulus quickly collapsible construction in standard railway container dimension
Dust utilization method Reusing in technical process or utilization
Bitumen heating method Heater (coolant-oil)
Flame tube
Mixer and weighing systems type Weighing (automation) for stone aggregates, bitumen, mineral powder and batch additives
Mixer components arranging Mixing tower
Number of feed bins 4
Total capacity of feed bins not less than 38 m 3
Feed weighing systems type volumetric belt
Number of mineral aggregate fractions to be dosed 4
Hot aggregate bins capacity not less than 9 m3
Mixture mass not less/not more than 900/1000 kg
Mineral powder supply bins capacity not less than 26 m 3
Bitumen tanks capacity not less than 35 m3
Dust collecting type combined - dry (cyclones), wet
Fuel type bunker oil – mazut 100 ГОСТ10585-75; diesel oil Л-02 ГОСТ 305-82
Operation type automatic, manual, remote
Maximum t of the bitumen 453 (180) К (°С)
Working devices gear electric & pneumatic
Nominal pressure in pneumatic system 0,7 MPa
Plant accounting accounts summing & storage
Installation power
Electric motors power
Electric heater power
250 kW
235 kW
15 kW
**Fuel consumption (fuel oil 100 ГОСТ 10585-75) not more than 600-700kg/h
**Specific consumption of equivalent fuel not more than11-12 kg/h
**Specific energy consumption (per tonne of mix) 4,92-7 kW•h /t
Climatic conditions of exploitation:
Value of climatic factors according to ГОСТ 15150-69
**Indices are calculated according to main technical output parameter when making asphalt concrete mixtures according to ГОСТ 9128- 84 from initial aggregates with primary moisture 5% and Δt=140°C
Climate moderate, tropical
Environment t°
not lower
not higher

273 (0) К (°С)
313 (+40) К (°С)
Weight constructive Not more than 82 t
Dimensions (L×W×H) Not more than 31×36×19 m
Feed Unit
Number of bins 4
One bin capacity 9,5 m3
Bin loading height 3,2 m
Bin loading width 3,1 m
Feeder type volumetric belt
Number 4

0 t/h
80 t/h
Driving power 1,5 kW
Horizontal conveyor type belt troughed
Tension drum diameter not less than 220 mm
Driving drum diameter not less than 220 mm
Installed power of conveyor drum 4 kW
Belt Conveyor (Inclined)
Type belt troughed
Distance between axis of drums 7-14 m
Driving drum diameter 220 mm
Tension drum diameter 220 mm
Angle of inclination 17º6'
Installed power of engine not more than 4 kW
Speed of belt 1,6 m/s
Drum Dryer
Type Drum, continuous, countercurrent drying system
Installed capacity of electric motors 65 kW
Angle of inclination

1.5 m
1.5 m
6 m
Rotation frequency 10.5 с-1(r/m)
Burner operating remote
Main fuel type wet ГОСТ 10585-75
Fuel tank capacity 7 t
Smoke chimney height 12 m
Smoke chimney diameter 0,8 m
Technical Specifications of Gas Treatment Equipment**
Dust Collection shared efficiency (all systems) 99,2%
**Modifiable parameters of technical specifications depend on specific conditions of asphalt plant operation including on the amount of dust and clay particles in raw materials
First stage of filtration

In-line axial cyclone diameter-300
Resistance 40 mm
Dust collection efficiency 40%
Second stage of filtration

group of cyclones
Number of cyclones 4
Resistance 76 mm
Dust collection efficiency 96%
Third stage of filtration

Wet fas clening of the shok-inertial action
Water consumption not more than 0,15 m3/h
Amount of removed dust 22 kg/h
Resistance 145 mm
Dust collection efficiency 70%
Amount of dust emitted into atmosphere through the chimney 8,2 kg/h
Exhaust fan of dust cleaning system

ДН-11,2 fifth execution model
Flap opening actuator drive gear MEO-40/63-0,25-82I, DKJ-4100W
Electric motor power 45 kW
Full pressure when t of flue gases 100-120°С 270 mm
t of flue gases at the outlet of dryer drum 440 (167) К (°С)
t of masonry materials at the outlet of dryer drum 433 (160) К (°С)
Hydraulic resistance of dust collector 250 mm
Water pressure of reverse water supply not more than 0,6 (6) kPa (kgf/cm2)
Dust collection of flue gases
at the outlet of dryer drum
at the outlet of in-line axial cyclone
at the outlet of cyclone unit emitted into the atmosphere
115,4 g/nm3
75 g/nm3
3 g/nm3
1,8 g/nm3
Mixing unit
Type tower with periodic actor mixer
Installed power electric motor not more than 65 kW
Elevator type chain, vertical with closed buckets, gravity discharge
Productivity 72 t/h
Lifting height of material 16 m
Bucket capacity 5 l
Speed of chain 0,7 m/s
Mixer type 2 cylindrical 2-stage motor-gearboxes, torque on the same shaft: 240 H*m. Motor power: 22 kW*2. Folding type shutter.
Mass of one batch 900-1000 kg
Cooling time of the batch not more than 60 s
Sieve type inertial
Number of sorted fractions 4
Fraction sizes up to 0-5; 5-12; 12-20; 20-40 mm
Static moment not less than 1,5 kg•m
Screening area not less than 6,7 m2
Nominal motor power not less than 5,5 kW
Dissemination angel 120
Oscillation frequency of fractionation unit not less than 16,5 Hz
Operating weight of fractionation unit not less than 2100 kg
Hot aggregate bins capacity not less than 9 m3
Weighting batcher
Maximum load 1000 kg
Minimum load 50 kg
Calculation of fractions Strain cumulative
Installation of fractions doses remote, stepless
Error weight of doses ±3%
Bitumen weighting system volumetric heated, with strain gauge weighting
Limit of dosing 70 l
System pressure of the input bitumen into mixer 0,29 (2,9) МPа (kgf/cm2)
Batching eror ±1,5%
Amount of travel by the mixing unit (HxW) 3,5х3,6 m
Mineral powder unit
Capacity of mineral powder unit bin not less than 26 m3
Bag filter with shaking system
Installed motor power not more than 11 kW
Heater for bitumen
Type periodic action with flame tubes (AMG tibes) and heat excahgers
t of bitumen delivered into mixer up to 453 (180) К (°С)
Tank capacity 35 t
*Used fuel: buncer oil ГОСТ 10585-75
Fuel consumption of bitumen heating nozzle up to 35 kg/h
Installed power 6,5 kW
Pump station of coolant
Coolant oil industrial АМТ-300, И-20А, И-30А ГОСТ 20799-75
Amount of oil poured in the system 750-800 l
Performance of pump then pumping coolant with viscosity of 0,75 sm2 not less than 1,0 (3,6) l/s (m3/ч)
Installed power of electric motor 2,2-7,5 kW
Fuel tank
Tank capacity not less than 7 m3
Preheating t of fuel (мазут 100)
in the tank
before the nozzle

not less than 353 (80) К (°С)
not less than 393 (120) К (°С)
Pump performance at the speed 1400 rpm 0,4 (1,4) l/s (m3/h)
Installed power not more than 4,5 kW
Bitumen pipelines (from heater for bitumen to mixer)
Nominal bore (internal diameter) 80 mm
Number of pump stations 1
Pump type gear
Capacity 20 t/h
Pneumatic system
Compressor type Piston, 2-speed
Capacity 0, 8 m3/min
Pressure 0,6(6)-0,8(8) МPа (kgf/cm2)
Installed power 7,5 kW
Construction. Staff training. 1000 tonns of asphalt output 20000 $